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-Greet guests at the door. Give them a brochure. Have them sign the visitors' book. Make up a GUEST name card and give it to them to put at their seat. Ask how they heard about the Club, where they work and if they wish to be introduced by you or introduce themselves to the group when asked. Direct them to the meeting room and accompany them if possible. (If you are busy, other members will assist a guest when they enter the meeting room.)
-Welcome members and note names of Officials or Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) attending in an official capacity. Pass on this information to the Toastmaster who will specifically welcome and recognize these guests
-Check the door 5 minutes after the meeting begins and
-Post the late note re secure area, asking whomever to come again (the note is in the club briefcase)

Toastmasters general comments:
The Greeter role is popular with larger club which tends to have many guests. The many responsibilities of the Greeter include.

Approach and welcome the guests as they come in, especially when the VP Membership or Sergeant-at-Arms are not available
Provide guests with a guest package which should be made available by the VP Membership or Sergeant-at-Arms on the table near the entrance

Review the content of the package with the guests and answer questions

Sit next to a guest throughout the meeting

Let the guests know that they may be asked to introduce themselves

Introduce the guests if they are uncomfortable with introducing themselves

Help guests complete membership forms if needed

Encourage the guests to visit the club again, or call the VP Membership if they have questions.

To support the greeter for this role, a binder with lots of information could be prepared by the VP Membership or the VP PR for displaying on the table near the entrance of the meeting room. A contact list of the committee members may be made available in the guest package with the committee members' consent. The guest may ask about the membership fee. Therefore, it is a good idea to include the fee schedule in the guest package.
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