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Grammarian/Ah Counter

-Select a word of the day that compliments the meeting theme. Send the word and its definition with a sample sentence to the VP Education for inclusion in the agenda
-Respond to the Toastmaster when you are introduced, giving the word of the day and reading the sample sentence aloud. If guests are present, briefly explain the Grammarian and Ah Counter roles
-Record the number of uses of the word of the day by anyone who has a speaking role
-Count the number of filler words used. Ah, you know, and, so; run on sentences; repeated words
-Respond to General Evaluator’s report request

Toastmasters general comments:
Being Grammarian is truly an exercise in expanding your listening skills. You have two basic responsibilities: first, to introduce new words to members, and second, to comment on the use of English during the course of the meeting.

Select a "Word of the Day" (if appropriate). It should be a word that will help us increase our vocabulary-a word that can easily be incorporated into everyday conversation but which is different from the way we usually express ourselves. An adjective or adverb is suggested since they are more adaptable than a noun or verb, but feel free to select your own special word.

In letters large enough to be seen from the back of the room, print your word, the part of speech, and a brief definition. Prepare a sentence as an example of how to use your word.

Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of the grammarian for the benefit of the guests.

Place your visual aid at the front of the room where it can be seen by all. Make a list of everyone present.

When introduced prior to Table Topics, announce the Word of the Day, state its part of speech (noun, etc.), define it, use it in a sentence, and request that anyone speaking during any part of the meeting use it. Briefly explain the role of the grammarian.

Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone's word usage. Mark on your list any awkward use or misuse of the language (incomplete sentences, sentences that change direction in midstream, incorrect grammar, malapropisms, etc.) with a note of who erred. Write down who used the Word of the Day (or a derivative of it) and note those who used it correctly or incorrectly.

When called on by the general evaluator during the evaluation segment, stand by your chair and give your report. Try to offer the correct usage in every instance where there was a misuse instead of only explaining what was wrong. Report on creative language usage and announce who used the Word of the Day (or a derivative of it) correctly or incorrectly.

Give the completed grammarian's record to the Treasurer (for collection of fines, if appropriate).
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