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Q: Do I have to start speaking as soon as I join a Toastmasters club?

A: One of the nice things about Toastmasters in that you progress through the educational program at your own speed. Members generally start out by taking meeting roles such as Timer or Greeter. Some members ask to be on the speaking schedule immediately, but it has been known for a member to wait a year before giving their first speech.


Q: If I can't get on the speaking schedule what can I do?

A: It is the responsibility of the Education team to make sure all members get speaking opportunities. Sunlife Speakers Corner Toasmasters has a goal setting workshop twice yearly when members have a chance to share their speaking plans. If you join at a time when the schedule is already booked up for the coming months, you should prepare a speech and be ready to speak if there is a cancellation. These happen often. You could also ask the Education team to find you an opportunity at another club.


Q: What is the mentoring program about?

A: A mentor is an experienced Toastmaster who has volunteered to help a newer member. It is up to the mentor and mentee to decide between them what the extent of this help will be. It is common for the mentor to help the mentee with his/her first three speeches. If you would like to have a mentor or a mentee, please contact an Education team member.

Q: What happens if I sign up for a role?

  • Toastmaster – Pick a theme, advise the Grammarian and Table Topics Master.

  • Speaker - Send your mini biography, speech title and timing to VP Education and Toastamasters.
  • Table Topics Master – Choose topics based on theme. Please prepare an envelope.
  • Grammarian – Choose a WORD related to the theme, which can be incorporated easily, but different from usual expression.
  • General Evaluator – Remind speakers to bring their manuals for the speech evaluators.
  • All CC&CL members - Bring your CL Manual to get your credits.
  • If you drop a role, please give an early notice ASAP or find an alternative.
  • If you are interested in crib notes created by Laura as a reference to format your own, please check download page (login needed).

Q: What should I do with my Competent Leader (CL) Manual?

A: The manual should be brought to EVERY meeting until completed, or until all necessary spots open have been completed.

  • Each project (10 of them) has a certain number of mandatory roles to be evaluated - NOT ALL NEED TO BE DONE !
  • Check the notes (may be under "Your Assignment"), prior to the evaluation section, as that will tell you what is required.
  • Examples are as follows: Project One states, "Any three of the four...". Project Three states, "in the three meeting roles listed...". Project Four states, "Serving as a Timer, and in any one of the remaining four...".
  • Can progress through it at your own pace, and jump from project to project.
  • Example, if being a Grammarian in Project #1, can be a Grammarian again in Project #4 prior to completing Projects 1-3.
  • Only role not in the Manual is for Greeter, but all others can be evaluated in writing, as there is no verbal evaluation given.
  • Roles are for Timer, Grammarian/Ah Counter (separated in Project #1), General Evaluator, Speech Evaluator, Table Topics Master, Table Topics Speaker, and even Formal Speaker.
  •  For the Formal Speaker, someone will do a verbal evaluation in your CC manual, and someone else can do a written evaluation in your CL manual.
  • Other roles toward the end of the CL manual are (as examples) Mentor For A New Member, Mentor For An Existing Member, Befriend A Guest At A Club Meeting, being a Contest Chairperson (easier than it sounds), and Club Special Event Chairperson.

SUGGESTION: when wanting a role evaluated, please choose someone at the meeting that doesn’t already have an existing role.

REMEMBER: not all roles need to be done to complete your CL. Read and highlight the requirements, and as a suggestion, once a Project is completed (remember, doesn't have to be in order), place a big checkmark on the first page of the Project.


Please send in your questions to the Public Relations team

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